Quintessential Summer

While I never think of September as "summer" in theory, in practice I consider it summer until it starts getting cold again. So it is definitely still summer around here, with our warm 90-degree days, despite Labor Day doing its best to usher in the fall before anyone's ready for it, and despite the darkening evenings.

We had a quintessential summer day yesterday: playing in the water, eating sandwiches outside, enjoying popsicles on the porch, making two different trips to Lowe's, catching up on some summer beach reads, working on home improvement projects, etc. In the midst of it all, I captured this shot, which just screams summer to me:

  • Shocking pink

  • Sun-kissed hair

  • Drinking from the hose

  • Ruffle bum

  • Swimsuit wedgie

  • Green, green grass

  • A shimmery water shadow

Summer, I'm going to miss you. Stick around a bit longer, will ya? 

Angie LucasComment