A Tale of healing & hope

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For anyone who has lost someone they love.

“Both sensitive and sensible: If some dragons can’t be vanquished, with time and help they can be borne…closes with a wonderfully perceptive insight …” —Kirkus Reviews

Stays true to the boy’s perspective through a landscape of shifting emotions, creating a narrative that reads childlike and true, with dashes of humor and playfulness…” —Publisher’s Weekly

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The Story

When a young boy experiences a sudden and devastating loss, an invisible dragon swoops in and perches on top of his head. A most unwelcome guest, the dragon follows him to school, sleeps on his chest at night (making it hard for him to breathe), and even crashes his birthday party. As the boy navigates the complexities of his grief, his relationship with the dragon changes in surprising ways.
My Big, Dumb, Invisible Dragon is a story for children dealing with loss—or for those who need help relating to a grieving friend. Although it deals with a heavy topic, this book employs relatable characters, a light tone, touches of humor, and an overarching message of hope. The book shows that healing takes time and that it’s OK to experience a wide range of emotions as you process the death of a loved one. While the boy in the story has lost his mother, the book draws upon universal aspects of grief that will feel familiar to those who have experienced other kinds of heartache.

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My Big, Dumb, Invisible Dragon  made REAL! Custom plush dragon by Budsies.com

My Big, Dumb, Invisible Dragon made REAL! Custom plush dragon by Budsies.com

About the Author

Angie Lucas is a freelance writer who spent years working for magazines and marketing departments before gathering the courage to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a children’s author. She has never seen an invisible dragon, but she knows what it feels like to have one swoop in out of nowhere and refuse to go away. That’s how she learned the secret: even the biggest, heaviest dragons get easier to carry over time, especially when we have friends who understand. A graduate of Utah State University, Angie lives with her family in the Salt Lake Valley.

Headshot by Jordan Bree

Headshot by Jordan Bree


Book Details

Age Range: 4 - 8 years
Grade Level: 1 - 2
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Sounds True (July 23, 2019)
Illustrator: Birgitta Sif
Editor: Jennifer Adams (of BabyLit fame)