About Me

Photo credit: Jordan Bree Photography

Photo credit: Jordan Bree Photography

Hi, I’m Angie Lucas, a Utah-based children's author and freelance marketing writer with a passion for journaling and memory keeping. My first picture book, My Big, Dumb, Invisible Dragon is due to be released in the summer of 2019. I also enjoy writing about personal and family history, books, publishing, grammar, and other word nerdy stuff. Above all, I treasure my role as a wife and mother to three miraculous children—one through marriage, one through adoption, and one through birth.

My professional experience includes, in no particular order:

  • unpaid emergency grammar hotline (“Help! I have a participle problem!” is a text I have received)

  • content marketer for tech companies, with ghost-written pieces published in Inc.com and Wired

  • freelancer for Ragnar, FamilySearch, Ancestry.com, Workfront, Experticity, and more

  • managing editor of niche craft magazine, back when print magazines were a thing

  • occasional hand model for in-house magazine photography (free manicures, baby!)

  • co-host of short-lived online crafting show, Books & Crafts, with Wendy Smedley

  • owner of an online publishing company, providing inspirational ebooks for journalers and photographers

  • editorial director of online memory-keeping courses for Big Picture Classes (under previous ownership)

  • inspirational quote selector at FranklinCovey (“Leadership is a choice, not a position.” —Stephen Covey)

  • advertising copywriter for the local KFC market, at the original agency Col. Sanders personally hired

  • copywriter at advertising agencies, writing radio and tv spots, web copy, and even a restaurant menu

  • intern in the features department of a local newspaper, writing concert and theatre reviews