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Angie Lucas is an editor and writer living in Bluffdale, Utah, with her graphic designer husband, Travis; their daughter, Keira Jane; and an exceedingly stubborn Olde English Bulldogge named Jovie. She is the editorial director of Big Picture Classes and the founder of


An unabashed word nerd, Angie Lucas has been earning her keep through the written word since before the turn of the century, which sounds really impressive until you realize that she means 1998. She loves the sound of the following words: "umlaut," "ampersand," "tapioca," "nougat," "colloquial," "quixotic," and "somnambulism," among others. She never ever corrects people's grammar unless she's being paid to do so, because it just makes them mad. She never has quite enough time to read. She believes that it's important for all of us to record our own stories and find our own voices. Her favorite writing error is the misplaced modifier, and she wishes everyone would agree on a pronunciation for "niche."


laughing, reading, writing, scrapbooking, traveling, singing, practicing yoga, living a balanced life, trying to enjoy running, piano-playing, step-mothering, dawdling, obsessively watching jane austen film adaptations (especially when stressed), multi-tasking, gazing adoringly at the quail that live in her neighborhood